The Funfullness Growth

We embrace the fact that technology is not good or bad.
It can be both…

Well, we are the good ones, like Jedis of the technology - the future is not even close to that movie. Just so you know it. But still a great movie! Well done.
Since the best tech revolutions started here, these times, we’ve time-traveled back to start - what we call -
The Funfulness Growth.
The best job you can ever imagine: you spend your life working on products that make people smile more and more!



You are the star

We had to find a starting point, and to be honest, at the beginning we had no idea. But the more we start living among you guys, the more we start seeing how beautiful you are when you take part in a movie.
Here comes the idea…Why don’t we give people the ability to become the star of their favorite movies?! And so we did. Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce Facebrity! The most advanced and fun - especially fun - mobile app that lets you become the movie character you’ve always dreamed to be, in just a few taps.

What else?

Please, fasten your seatbelt. In the next month, we are going to deliver tons of new amazing apps and features. From photo and video editing, passing through some smart tricks to lose weight, detoxifying and relaxing your brain, empowering your artistic side, and so much more… Stay tuned. We have just started!


The best, of course

Since technologies from our times are not fully available here, we had to find the most cutting edge partners ever.
A very quick list of names…

  • Apple - They told us they’re great manufacturing hardware and software.
    We think they’ve a great logo.
  • Facebook - We have known Zuck since elementary… Wait, forget it, you know nothing. Ok? He is NOT a cyborg. Understand?
  • Google - We still don’t know what they do, every time they tell us something different…
  • AWS - Ok guys, this one’s funny. We ordered toilet paper, they delivered a server. What the heck!?
  • MongoDB - Non-relational-interstellar-selfhealing-turbo-elastic stuff. Check it out by yourself on their website, they say that.
  • Snap - You got to help us with them, everytime we send them an email, they delete it!
  • TikTok - I'm a savage! Classy, bougie, ratchet! Sassy, moody, nasty!



Do you accept future-coins?

We know you’re from the present, but maybe, you’re one of those very few people that can imagine a better future and make it happen.
If you believe in yourself, in human empowerment, in technology as an opportunity, and you are 50% crazy and 50% genius, you can be one of us!

  • Geeks
  • Nerds
  • Artists
  • Leaders
  • Strategists
  • Magicians
  • so on and so forth…

We want you! Please, just don’t be boring.

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